“Zikomo for Your Commitment to Us and Our Nation!“


This is a Chichewa word that is used mostly when someone has been a recipient of kindness or something really good. “Zikomo” is a very good word that shows gratitude. Recently, a team from Summit Church in Orlando, Florida traveled to Chitedze village in Malawi to visit farmers their community has sponsored. The visiting team appreciated the farmers’ hard work and encouraged them. Because of this team and Summit Church


These farmers faced a challenge that they could not deal with on their own. Hunger (food shortage) and poverty are huge challenges that most communities in Malawi face. You and this team from Summit Church have provided a solution to the challenge of hunger. Now, instead of only growing food during the rainy season (November - February), farmers in this area can harvest multiple times in a year. By increasing their food production, families in the village have enough to eat, with enough left to generate an income. The visiting team represented to the farmers the people that are helping them to heal the poverty and hunger in their nation.

“Zikomo for visiting, Zikomo for your commitment to us and our nation!“