Who We Work With


Africa Windmill Project (AWP) is a 501(c)3 Public Charitable Organization.   We work to END HUNGER, but we don’t stop there, by teaching families how to grow food, communities and future generations become FOOD SECURE.  Due to the vast need in the region we are working to do this in a number of ways.


VILLAGES: At the request of the village chief, Africa Windmill Project goes into a village and helps to develop an Agriculture Club (a group of individuals who would like to work together and learn how to grow food).  Our Malawian staff meets weekly with this group; teaching them how to build compost bins, plant using soil conservation methods, and organize gardens for efficient water usage and irrigation.

CHURCHES, MISSIONARIES, CBO’S, SCHOOLS:  We work alongside organizations to teach their members how to build and utilize irrigation technology and provide other resources to the organizations such as sustainable agriculture trainings, community development strategies, and support during their implementation.  We assist these organizations as they go and teach others.

NGO’S: AWP provides instruction manuals and technical support to any organization needing an irrigation solution that has similar wind and water table conditions to the country of Malawi.  We support organizations all over the world via phone, e-mail, downloadable instructions, and conferences.

MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE:  We work alongside extension officers to train them how to teach the families in the villages where they work with how to grow food using irrigation year round.