Mawandiwe Agriculture Club Requests Bibles


“I thought they would ask for more inputs [supplies] and pumps. Instead, they asked for Bibles.”

- Wanda, visitor to Mawandiwe Agriculture Club from Missouri


Africa Windmill Project received a team of 4 ladies from the United States to visit the work being done: Kimberly, Wanda, Margaret and Krysten. Among the many things that the team did during their visit, one was to go into the field and meet the farmers in their villages.  

Members of the Mawandiwe Agriculture Club at a training session led by Professor Banda, Field Coordinator

Members of the Mawandiwe Agriculture Club at a training session led by Professor Banda, Field Coordinator

The team visited Mlezi Section where the Mawandiwe Agriculture Club is. This club is made up of 21 women and 14 men. The team visited the club training meeting and was able to interact with the farmers. Both women and men sang and danced to welcome the team. The training was led by Professor Banda, Field Coordinator for Africa Windmill Project in Chigonthi EPA.  

The training was on resource management. When it was done, everyone went to visit the garden of one of the club members, Kiliness Maliseni, to appreciate the work that is taking place there. Kimberly talked with Ms. Maliseni to learn how her work affects her family. Ms. Maliseni shared about her role as a woman in the development work that she is doing in the area. 

Africa Windmill Project’s focus on agriculture could have been a great way to end the day. All the agricultural issues had been addressed and the people had interacted so well; however, Mr. Mtimuni, the secretary for Mawandiwe Club, remembered having spoken with the field coordinator about something more important than crops. He remembered that his club members did not have their own personal Bibles. Taking advantage of the good day and presence of their visitors, Mr. Mtimuni was prompted to ask for Bibles from the team. 

When Mr. Mtimuni asked for Bibles on behalf of his club, God heard and spoke with Ms. Wanda Ford and her team. God placed a burden on the hearts of the visiting team to make sure that they set aside funds to purchase the Bibles. If these women and men were to grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord, they would need daily reading of the word of God. The Bible actually emphasizes that, “Man does not live on bread alone” Luke 4:4.  

Bibles 6

Wanda and Margaret were able to find 33 Bibles in the city of Lilongwe. Each cost $10.00 USD. They left the Bibles at the offices so when Professor Banda returned to the club, he could distribute them.

Mr. Gerald Patrick, the caretaker of the offices, who is fondly known as Pastor, shared the word of God with the members of the club from the Book of John 3:16. In his sharing, he said that God is love and to show His love for mankind, He gave. Secondly, he pointed out that hell was not planned for people but for the devil and his angels; those that believe in Jesus are safe. Lastly, he pointed out that everyone needs to believe in Jesus to be saved. The club, through their leader, appreciated Africa Windmill Project and the visiting team for sharing the word of God with them and assured the group that the club members will be using their Bibles and not just keeping them. They actually said that they were excited to come up with a day when they would be meeting for Bible studies.

Empowering farmers with new irrigation techniques and skills is a great thing, but this is something that happens and ends right here on earth. Studying the Bible invests in the kingdom which is to come. Mathew 6:33 comes to mind: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”