Lead Farmer Demonstrates Windmill Irrigation in Lilongwe Agriculture Fair


“I never used to irrigate this portion of my garden because it was far away from my well. The only time I used this part of my garden was during the rainy season. However, the windmill has brought water so close that I can irrigate this whole plot without carrying buckets.”

- Mr. Layitani, Lead Farmer


When Mr. Layitani joined the Chitedze Village Agriculture Club he could only farm a small portion of his land. He had no way to water his crops except to carry a bucket back and forth from a well. He would often perform back-breaking work for up to 8 hours a day just to grow food.

In September, Mr. Layitani starts his third year of training. He is a lead farmer in his village because he has invested so much hard work into his garden. He has demonstrated his understanding of the training he has received and the ability to lead and support his community. Mr. Layitani is the first farmer to receive a windmill out of 1,300+ farmers that are currently participating in agriculture clubs in the Chigonthi EPA.

With windmill irrigation, Mr. Layitani’s garden has more than doubled in acreage! As his garden grew, goats and other animals were drawn to it. So much so, that Mr. Layitani had to put up a perimeter fence to keep them out of his crop! The average cost of one windmill is K1,510,125 ($2,100 USD). This is a huge investment into the life of the farmer, but he has proven his ability to work hard and steward the resources that he has to the benefit of his family and community.

Thank you for making this technology available and understanding the impact that irrigation can make towards Ending Hunger in Malawi! You make food security possible!

24 lead farmers are currently awaiting windmills. If you are interested in sponsoring a lead farmer with the investment of a windmill, please donate today!

If you have any questions, please contact us at (407) 647-9894 or email info@africawindmill.org.