What happens after Food Security?

Our goal for the families we teach is for them to have enough food for today, tomorrow, and every day in the future. That's what we mean by "food security". But we know from the families in the program that their needs don't end with having enough food. Many of the families put almost all of their resources into producing food that there is nothing left for them to put into health, education, or improving other aspects of their lives.

When a family becomes food secure the opportunity arises for them to invest in their futures. Most of the farmers in our program put the immediate benefits of having extra food toward developing a long term, stable livelihood. We see four categories of investments: 1) reinvesting into irrigation; 2) purchasing livestock; 3) education for family members; 4) other small businesses.

Here are some photos of farmers that trained with AWP last year and how they put new resources toward their futures. Two purchased bicycles that they will use as taxis to earn a small daily income. One purchased a solar panel that powers a barbershop - complete with shaver and music.