Another important use for water

"Madzi ndi moyo" - water is life. A Chichewa proverb that indicates the importance of water to all aspects of life. Other than for drinking, bathing and irrigating, the next most important use for water might be for building. Mortar and plaster are mixed with water, and in rural villages, bricks are made with just clay and water.
At Chifuchambewa, water pumped by the windmill is being used in the brick making process while farmers prepare land for irrigation. The bricks will be used to build a community center at the local church. Under guidance from World Relief, the community have decided to build the community center to host meetings and a nursery school.
By using water from the windmill, the women who ferry water to the brick making site cut their walking distance by two thirds. This is a huge time saver and has allowed the bricks to be molded in just two weeks instead of over the course of two months or more.