Chambwe Windmill 2

Here we go again! Loading the truck with every manner of tool, pipe, and windmill accessory, we headed off to Chambwe, Kasungu to put up the windmill blades and install the pump. 

The windmill prop is 10' in diameter (with the blades it comes to 12'), which is 50% wider than our other windmills.

 Here we are installing the windmill stand pipe on top of the tower. This pipe gives the windmill blades enough clearance around the tower.

 The river is 4 meters below the base of the tower, and 11 meters below the windmill. The water line is 10 meters laterally from the base of the tower.

 Here is the pump at the base of the tower. A large diameter casing pipe is laid to the river's edge to protect the suction pipe.

 The suction pipe snakes its way down the casing pipe. A filter and spring check valve fit narrowly inside the casing pipe. The ends of both casing and suction pipes are inserted into the water.

 Now we install the windmill, sans blades, atop the tower. The main axle is 1" steel bar. The prop threads onto the end and is secured by a bolt.

 Here it is ready for blades.

 And then we bolt the blades to the prop.

 Finally the pumping rod is inserted via the top. In this case the rod is too long to be fitted from the bottom.

 A glimpse back over the garden shows the windmill at the rivers edge and the tank at 2 meters elevation. From the river, the pump must lift the water 6 meters.

 Finally, with the wind vane installed, it is a strange site for passersby.