AWP Windmill Water Pump

This is Post No. 2 in a series of 5; each post deals with the particulars of our projects. These posts are designed to give more information about the technologies and techniques AWP is promoting.

1. AWP Manual/Pedal Water Pump
2. AWP Windmill Water Pump
3. Basin Irrigation
4. Conservation Techniques
5. Solar Water Heater

2. AWP Windmill Water Pump

The Windmill Water Pump is an integral part of our irrigation system for small scale farms. It consists of a vertical axis, panemone windmill coupled to a rope and washer pump, which fills a tank or reservoir. Water is available for irrigation from the tank, using surface irrigation or sprinkler/drip irrigation.

The Windmill is constructed of bamboo, an eucalyptus post, polyethylene (PE) grain sacks, binding wire, a center bearing, and rope.

The rope and wash pump is identical to the AWP Manual Water Pump, except that the rope extends from the pump, around the drive cog at the base of the Windmill. In emergencies, the rope can be shortened and the pump operated by hand.

The windmill pump can pump from a head of up to 6m and up to 6,000 liters per hour. With consistent winds, a 10,000l tank takes approximately 2 hours to fill.