Kids having fun

Pempero and Ganizani live in Mwankhundi village where Africa Windmill Project started implementing a project together with the farmers in the community.

Dorothy Chisale, Pempero and Ganizani's mother, happened to be one of the first farmers to use the irrigation pump. When Dorothy, who is a single mother, got the pump, she used to protect it so that children should not tamper with it. However, children could always go behind her back and pump water in the garden. Sometimes, when she would go to her garden for watering, she would find that her crops had already been watered. Several times she would argue with her children but to no avail. Finally she hid in the nearby bush to wait and see who was pumping the water.

To her surprise, she saw her own children looking here and there while heading for the pump. She didn’t panic; she hid still to see what was going to happen. What did she see then? Her children were helping each other: one was pumping water, and the other was guiding water to irrigate the beds. She quietly came out and her children were about to run; but she stopped them. She instructed them to be extra careful when operating the water pump. From that time, these children help their mother at her irrigation garden. They like watering the vegetables so much.

Dorothy is now a happy woman. When she is busy with church and community activities, she does not get worried with her crops; children are always there to help- irrigating crops with fun. The family planted maize in July and they will be eating green maize in November.