WW prep - solar water heater

Ok, so this weekend will be a bit busy, but I want to keep up with this, so I've decided to just finish up an item that's been halfway done for a while. For some time AWP has been trying to come up with a cheaper way to purify water.

What we've got now is a double pane of glass that is filled with water. The sun's radiation heats and purifies this water. We won't know how practical it is until we try it. So I want to get a good prototype working.

Most of the heavy lifting is complete. We'll just be putting a tank on this one and fixing up some potential leaks.

1. 1"x3" lumber - 12' long
2. 2 panes of 6mm (1/4") glass - 3'x18"
3. 2 or 3 tubes of silicone sealant
4. A 4 or 5 gallon container about 3' tall
5. Some 1/2" flexible pipe
6. Various pipe tees and ball valve
7. Assorted screws and nails