Farm Budgeting and Planning

Achieving food security requires more than crop management and irrigation. Farm Budgeting and Planning is the foundation upon which all farm activities are based. Without a budget and a plan, a good harvest is not sufficient for security; a host of factors can prevent or destroy a good harvest, in the field or in storage.

Farmers need to schedule their farm activities to maintain a balanced diet year round. Staples are harvested at the end of the rainy season. But what if the yield is not enough? How much is enough anyway? And what about nutritious fresh vegetables, animal fats and proteins, and special foods for sudden illnesses?

Below are some pictures from a training we held to equip and encourage farmers to begin budgeting and planning.

Jafet (Mziza Farming Club chairman) leads a small group:

Men and women were separated for some parts of the training to encourage full participation:

Blessings Malamba leads the men's group: