Why It Matters


By teaching families how to have successful gardens all year long, the villages we are working in have become food secure.



- Malawi consistently ranks among the most densely populated and least developed nations.

- Over 20% of Malawi's population has never had access to safe drinking water. (It is estimated that only 40% of the entire population has consistent access to uncontaminated water).

- Less than 50% of the urban population and less than 1% of the rural population has access to sanitation.


Short Life Expectancy

- 45.1% of the population is under the age of 15

- Malawi has a life expectancy of 51.7 years (the twelfth shortest in the world)



- More than 1.59 million children have been orphaned in Malawi as a result of HIV/AIDS, famine, malaria or a number of treatable diseases. It is not uncommon to see coffin shops alongside roads and in the villages.

- Malawi has the world's ninth highest HIV infection rate of 11%