Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do we train the farmers to make all the types of pumps or just some of them?

Answer: We train them to collect materials and make the hand pumps themselves. We train local manufacturers to fabricate the pumps so that they are readily available for upgrading.

Question: After farmers know how to use the irrigation pumps, how do we help them on the growing side?

Answer: Farmers are trained in crop management, and other cropping skills that enable them to use the potential of the irrigation pump. We don't introduce exotic crops because we want to build on the farmers knowledge and use existing markets.

Question: How do we ensure that the fabricators of the pumps stay in business and the skills are not lost?

Answer: We train existing fabrication businesses who earn a living already producing window frames and door frames. The welders we have already trained are still in business and they make the pumps as an additional product to their others.

Question: Since we already have a footprint, will we be implementing this in the same area we are already working or another area?

Answer: We will use the direction of the Government Agriculture Development Department in the selection of target areas that meet our requirements.

Question: Do female heads of household use the pumps?

Answer: Yes, they use the pumps because these pumps allow them to reach a sustainable income level in with less time invested, even if they cannot grow their garden as big as others due to time and labour constraints of running their households.