Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do we train the farmers to make all the types of pumps or just some of them?

Answer: We manufacture the windmills that can irrigate up to 6 acres. We train the farmers how to assemble the hand crank rope and washer pumps out of materials they can easily find in their trading centers.

Question: After farmers know how to use the irrigation pumps, how do we help them on the growing side?

Answer: Farmers are invited to participate in a 4 year training program that focuses on the following:

  1. Club Formation & Leadership Training

  2. Disease & Pest Control, Land Preparation

  3. Plot layout & Planting

  4. Procurement of Farm Inputs

  5. Water Pumps, Irrigation Water Management & Scheduling

  6. Principals of Conservation Agriculture

  7. Vegetable Production

  8. Agribusiness Skills

Question: Since we already have a footprint, will we be implementing this in the same area we are already working or another area?

Answer: We will use the direction of the Government Agriculture Development Department in the selection of target areas that meet our requirements.

Question: Do female heads of household use the pumps?

Answer: Yes, they use the pumps because these pumps allow them to reach a sustainable income level.

Question: How do you spend the donations that your receive?

Answer: 95% of the budget goes directly towards trainings and irrigation technology. 5% of the budget is used for audits, fees and operations.